Fendt 718 Vario S4 Profi Plus

Кількість BOR314401
Ціна з ПДВ 19 % 154.105 €
Ціна без ПДВ 129.500 €
Марка Fendt
Модель 718 Vario S4 Profi Plus
Рік виробництва 2017
Години 2427
Додаткова інформація
Тип машини: Вживана машина
Марка: Fendt
Рік виробництва: 2017
Години: 2427
Продуктивність: 133 KW (181 к. с.)
Швидкість км/год: 50
Місткість: 6056


used AGCO/ Fendt-All Wheel Tow Tractor
M038 Fuel prefilter heated
G007 Planetary rear axle
G034 50km/h version
K028 Three-point cat.2/3SK without top link
K013 EHR control, double-acting linkage
K040 Top link SK hydraulic cat.3/2/90
K220 Ball sleeve Cat.2 for top link SK
K210 Ball sleeve cat.3/2 1 pair for lower part
K221 Ball sleeve cat.3/2 for top link SK
K120 Front linkage Cat. 2
H181 Hydraulic pump 193l/min
H020 Double acting auxiliary valves 1/1-1/3 rear DUDK
H201 Hydraulic valve actuation external
H200 Power-Beyond
H163 Rear return pressureless
H087 Double acting auxiliary valve 1/4 rear DUDK
C072 Automatic climate control
C218 Rear light / turn signal Standard
C001 Paint Nature Green
Rims Terra
C183 Cab suspension pneumatic
C332 ProfiPlus Version
C082 Super comfort seat with air suspension
C188 Rear view mirror electr. + wide angle sp.
C175 Roof hatch VarioGuide
C167 Steering wheel incl. twist grip
C267 Vario TMS
C258 AB-headlight roof rear / 2 pairs
C271 Vario terminal 10.4"
C030 Panorama cabin VisioPlus
C053 Segment windshield wiper
C220 Low beam and high beam
C292 Immobilizer
C190 Additional front lighting
C310 Rotating beacon left
C311 rotating beacon right
C134 Floor mat cabin
C171 Terminal bracket
C299 Radio-CD MP3 with
C060 Wiper and washer rear
C195 Work lamp roof front
C193 Working lamp roof front inside
C192 Corner lights
C303 2 Coaxial loudspeaker
C135 Universal holder for mobile phone
C208 AB headlight A-column +
Feces in the back
A133 Compressed air 2-pipe system for trailer
A160 Autom. trailer hitch 38er bolt
A077 Dual circuit brake
A195 Mounting bracket for trailer coupling
A197 Bottom hitch attachments
A198 Ball forced steering linka
A199 Ball forced steering right
A142 Compressed air dual clutch
A073 Front fender swivelling
A205 ball coupling long
R363 VF600/60R30 158 D TB-50 10 Double acting
R441 VF710/60R42 173 D TB-60 10
S239 1980mm track front
S447 1960mm rear track
C149 Variotronic device control
RKT Novatel steering system
+ Automatic locking of steering axle
+ Camera connection
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