Fendt 936 VARIO GEN-7 PROFI+ SET-2

Dealer number OSC3071028
Ціна з ПДВ 19 % 344.981 €
Ціна без ПДВ 289.900 €
Марка Fendt
Модель 936 VARIO GEN-7 PROFI+ SET-2
Рік виробництва 2023
Години 652
Додаткова інформація
Тип машини: Вживана машина
Марка: Fendt
Модель: 936 VARIO GEN-7 PROFI+ SET-2
Рік виробництва: 2023
Години: 652
Продуктивність: 261 KW (355 к. с.)
Швидкість км/год: 60
Вага (т): 13.8
Дозволенна загальна вага (т): 17
Місткість: 9037


Profi+ Setting2
VF650/60R38 170D MI -67 12 double-acting23X38
VF750/70R44 186D MI -55 10 double-acting25X44
60 km/h - Version
7-pin trailer socket
Standard version
Quick Start track guidance RTK
Fuel pre-filter
Reversible fan
Exhaust stage V
Planetary rear axle
MZW 540E/1000 rpm Flange-ZW
Flange spigot 1 3/4" 6-piece
Rear power lift
Electronic linkage control regulation Double-acting power lift
Top link SK hydraulic cat. 3/2/ 120
3-point cat. 2/3 SK/hydraulic support
Hydraulic top link Lifting aid
Front power lift Cat. 2 Position / relief
Ball sleeve Cat. 3/2 1pair for lower linkage SK
Ball sleeve Cat.3 1pair to lower link SK SK
Ball sleeve cat. 3/2 for top link SK
Ball sleeve cat. 3 for top link SK
Hydr. connections double-acting 1/1-1/2 rear DUDK
Additional valve double-acting 1/3 rear DUDK
Additional valve double-acting 1/4 rear DUDK
Additional valve double-acting 1/5 rear DUDK
Additional valve double-acting 1/7 front
Return flow rear unpressurized
Return front
Hydraulic pump 220 l/min
Nature Green paint finish/Terra Red rims
Heated windshield VSG
Heated rear window
Sun blinds
Wipe and wash. Side
SuperComfort seat Evol. dynamic DuMo / compressed air
Canopy camera incl. camera connections
Emergency package
Cabin floor mat
Universal holder for cell phone
Appliance socket
Steering wheel incl. rotary handle
Auxiliary equipment holder
Comfort pneumatic cab suspension
O H N E Reversing device
Front roof work lights LED/2 pairs
A-pillar work lights LED
AB headlights A-pillar + rear fender LED
Additional front lighting LED
Third brake light
Tail light/indicator LED
Low beam / high beam / headlamp leveling LED
AB headlights rear roof LED / 2 pairs
Terminal 12" roof
Comfort mirror telescopic + outline.
Battery disconnect switch electric
Top hood work lights LED/2pair
LED rotating beacon left
4 USB ports Armrest
Infotainment package+ 4.1 sound system
Track guidance basic package
RTK NovAtel
Contour Assistant
TI Headland
Agronomy basic package
Telemetry basic package
Smart Connect
Section Control
Variable Rate Control
Machine control basic package
Front implement control
Fendt Grip Assistant
Dual-circuit brake
Load weight rear wheels 2 x 650 kg
VarioGrip tire pressure control system
Fendt Stability Control
Warning device up to vehicle width 3 m
Electro-pneumatic handbrake
Compressed air 2-line system for trailer
Automatic trailer coupling 38 bolt
Mounting bracket for trailer coupling
Bottom hitch attachments
Long tow ball coupling
Approval for 17.0 t gross vehicle weight
Extendable metal tool box
2100 mm front track
2000 mm rear track
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