Grimme EVO 280

Dealer number NOM2991440
Ціна з ПДВ 19 % 172.550 €
Ціна без ПДВ 145.000 €
Марка Grimme
Модель EVO 280
Рік виробництва 2021
Години 245
Додаткова інформація
Тип машини: Вживана машина
Марка: Grimme
Модель: EVO 280
Рік виробництва: 2021
Години: 245


Used Grimme EVO 280 ClodSep
365 ha
1218 hrs
basic machine
-Drawbar ball clutch Ø 80 mm
-Separately adjustable center coulter -
-Stone protection for spade coulter
-Cutter depth adjustment from the terminal
-Terra Control
-Automatic ridge center detection
-Additional outer coulter disk
-Screen channel width 1700 mm
-V2A plates in the swing frame
-Vibratory beater in the 1st screening belt with
speed adjustment
from the terminal
-VarioDrive: infinitely variable drive for the
the 1st and 2nd sieve belt
-Speedtronic-Web: speed and load-dependent
speed and load-dependent
screen belt control
-Adjustment for front scraper combs Ter.
-Oil cooler for own hydraulics
-Tilt adjustment for 1st and 2nd separator
Separator front terminal
-Height adjustment for scraper roller
1st separator front terminal
-Cleaning device in the hedgehog conveyor
of the 1st separator
-Angle adjustment of scraper roller
1st separator front terminal
-Slip monitoring 1st separator
and 2nd screening belt
-Quantity discharge conveyor behind
behind the 1st separator
-Speed adjustment for
2 brush or finger belts at the front Ter.
-Automatic inclination of 1st and
2nd separator
-Speed adjustment for 1st and
2nd separator front terminal
-Angle adjustment of scraper roller 2.
Separator from the terminal
-Height adjustment of the finger belt
right and left front terminal
-Height adjustment of scraper rollers
2nd separator at front terminal
-Mechanical height adjustment of the
scraper rollers of the 3rd separator
-Speedtronic-Sep: Automatic speed adjustment
Automatic speed adjustment of the
-Reading belt with flights
-Adjustable infeed conveyor,
Differential speed to the sorting table
sorting table
-Stone hopper with discharge conveyor
-Pre-set elevator with ultrasonic sensor
-automatic hopper filling system incl. automatic
for front elevator and
filling optimization
-bunker head lowering
-potato outlet on the rolling floor bunker for
box filling 2.20 m wide
-Hydraulic folding device for
potato outlet
-Automatic axle center detection
and automatic tilt
-850/50 R30.5 tires
-SmartView Pro
-Lighting package Pro
-ISOBUS CCI operator terminal
1200 touchscreen terminal
- Multifunction lever instead of joystick box
incl. comfort package reading table
Incl. reading table lighting
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