Grimme SE 150-60 NB

Dealer number BOR2197512
Ціна з ПДВ 19 % 106.981 €
Ціна без ПДВ 89.900 €
Марка Grimme
Модель SE 150-60 NB
Рік виробництва 2018
Години 1090
Додаткова інформація
Тип машини: Вживана машина
Марка: Grimme
Модель: SE 150-60 NB
Рік виробництва: 2018
Години: 1090
Швидкість км/год: 40
Вага (т): 10.66
ra: 837


used Grimme potato harvester
Grimme VC50/ GBX 860/ GBX 871
ball hitch K80
adjustable center coulter
digging depth adjustment from the terminal
automatic ridge relief
automatic ridge center finding
Additional outer coulter disk
1st sieve belt 40mm pitch
V2A plate in swing frame
electr. adjustable swing knocker
2nd sieve belt 35mm pitch
electr. adjustment of the scraper combs
Hydraulically driven haulm scraper shaft
XXL separator
Slip monitoring 1st separating belt 2nd sieve belt
1st and 2nd separator electrically adjustable
2nd platform
Front elevator with ultrasonic sensor
7.5 to bunker
Automatic bunker filling system
Bunker head lowering
Air brake
Automatic axle center detection
Automatic tilt control
Tires 800/45-30.5
Rear view camera attachments
Attachments camera 1st to 2nd separator
Attachments for camera Velese table
Camera bunker head mounted incl. lighting
Visual Protect
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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